Islamic Terrorism Fact or Myth

Islamic Terrorism Fact or Myth


Unity through Solutions has determined that 89 Islamic Terrorist Plots have occurred d in America in the 15 years since 9/11/2001. A more rigorous list can be viewed here.

As illegal immigration rises and Muslim resettlement ramps to new heights so does our societies’ penalty for these threats and evil deeds.

NY has 17.

MA has 6.

DC area has  8.

Fl has 6.

TX has 5 and the rest scattered throughout the United States.

The rate of growth in annual increase has been exponential . Who among us will we focus our rage toward the policies of this administration that seek to make our land homogeneous by mixing cultures? These people and cultures being brought here hate us and wish to fundamentally transform our land to things quite different. I say enough is enough .

Where are leaders who will stand for America, not this multicultural crap the global cabal has foisted upon us. ? I call now on America to bury political correctness and reject any future efforts to extinguish our culture. Stop Obama from flooding our land with his refugees who bring Radical Islamic Terrorism and jihad.