Trump Watch Day 03

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Trump Watch  Day  03 “A retrospective and apology to America and to POTUS Trump.

Jan 22,2017,  and Mr. President is Donal J. Trump and family.  We have watched the ceremonies, heard the commentators try and interpret his comments and actions, and observed a few of his cabinet nominees under examination by congressional committeemen in public hearings.  What we have not been privy to are the private conversations that apparently all the committeemen have with the candidates in their individual offices before being paraded in front of the cameras.  The concern and warning this writer has for the country are as follows; Trump is a showman and has been right on cue to pander to the evangelical and conservative constituents across America.

Today we have the evidence jhat  this writer was wrong. POTUS moves with the grace of  a true negotiator winning every battle that matters. Obama car the rinos blocked him McCain and the oteh RINOS betrayed the people Not DJT . Leaks stopped when he rid himself of RINO Preibus
He has elevated Robert Jeffress (Dallas, TX) and Franklin Graham (Charlotte, NC) as his new best buddies to sell himself to America as a “changed” man. However, there is a danger sign flashing by certain cabinet choices. The most evident of these, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin along with several additional former Goldman Sachs alumni.  Goldman Sachs is the epitome of financial failures and reversals.  Certainly not their failures but, their clients who accept the phrase “risk management” to mean that GS will advise and limit downside risk in one’s investment portfolio while actually creating counterparty trades they can manipulate to not only profit from the clients position through the advisory fees they charge but then from taking an opposing position of their clients and creating a systemic failure that significantly diminishes and even wipes out one’s capital position.  Our Federal Reserve is not a protector of our wealth as a backstop to our banking system but in fact the driver of financial policy that limits one’s access to their assets and capital and has been the tool used since WWI to manipulate Americans into wars, recessions, financial crisis and is now the largest shareholder in America, Inc of which “We the People” are the collateral.  DJT is a  not a globalist elitist who believes he is entitled and now empowered to rule the world.  His Treasury and other Goldman Sachs alumni cabinet member selections are not proof we are heading into a cataclysmic era of volatility that will surely result in our failed state becoming totally dependent upon police state mechanisms as they try and maintain civil order.  Watch this man and his cronies as they repair the damage of 16 years.   DJT is a showman, a political animal whose interest is his families wealth and making America Great as he wins both important battles.   Lawyers, bankers, and politicians are never at risk with their own capital and only gamble with ours.  But now that DJT is Mr. President,  we can guard our purses as he moves the tax cuts and installs his print to MAGA.
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Ann Coulter on Immigration.(video)

Mr. Trump is a juggarnaut

Ann Coulter on Immigration.(video)

Interview below appeared at BreitBartNews and is  reprinted here with attribution and under fair use education and commentary

Eleven-time New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter told Breitbart News exclusively on Wednesday that there’s no way a new report from New York City think tank the Center for Migration Studies estimating there are now less than 11 million illegal aliens in America is correct.

Any half-wit knows that the government hasn’t the first idea how many illegal aliens are in the country,” Coulter told Breitbart News in response to the bogus study, which was hyped by the Washington Post. “Not the the foggiest notion. Government officials can’t even tell us how many illegal aliens are in the government’s own custody in prison — and they show surprisingly little interest in finding out. Suspicions ought to be piqued by the fact that all official sources assure us that there have been exactly 11 million illegal aliens in the country for more than a decade now.

In promoting the study, the Post’s Jerry Markon wrote that there is somehow a “nearly decade-long decline” in illegal immigration “that has the potential to reshape the debate over reforming the nation’s immigration system.”  Markon went on:

The total undocumented immigrant population of 10.9 million is the lowest since 2003, says the report from the Center for Migration Studies, a New York think tank. The number of undocumented immigrants has fallen each year since 2008, the report says, driven primarily by a steady decline in illegal migrants from Mexico. Sharper declines from South America and Europe have contributed to the overall numbers, the report says, even as illegal immigration from Central America — where families with children have flocked across the southwest border in recent months — is on the rise.

But Coulter has debunked this type of narrative promoted by the left and media before.

As Coulter says in Adios America, her latest bestselling book on immigration which came out right before Donald Trump’s rise to prominence in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries last summer, the government estimates the number of illegal aliens based on census surveys.

But, as she says: “People who have left their families, paid huge sums of money to smugglers, trekked thousands of miles, and broken American law to enter this country don’t have much incentive to fill out questionnaires from the U.S. government.”

Demonstrating the government’s usual brilliance, Coulter’s Adios America notes that the census “tried to account for the reluctance of illegal aliens to answer government surveys by adding 10 percent to their population estimate. Guess where they got 10 percent? From another survey of illegals. In 2001, the University of California asked Mexican-born residents of Los Angeles if they had taken the recent census. Ten percent said ‘no.’ But almost 40 percent refused to take that survey.”

Meanwhile, as far back as 1990, Coulter writes, anthropologist Maxine Margolis found “that the Brazilian consulate counted 100,000 Brazilians living in New York City, while the Brazilian foreign office put the number at 230,000. That same year, the 1990 census reported that only 9,200 Brazilians lived in New York City.”

The efforts by the leftist Center for Migration Studies—and the complicit Washington Post—couldn’t be clearer. Markon himself wrote in the Post that the effort here seems to be to undermine Donald Trump ahead of the primaries. Markon wrote:

With its release as voting nears in the 2016 presidential primaries, the 15-page document could impact the fiery debate over immigration unfolding on the campaign trail. Republican candidates, led by Donald Trump, have portrayed the border as overwhelmed by illegal immigrants who must be kept out by a massive wall the New York developer proposes to build. President Obama and Democratic candidates say the border has never been more secure and call for comprehensive immigration reform to naturalize immigrants already here.

This all comes on the heels of a new bombshell report from the Department of Homeland Security that shows there are nearly half a million illegal aliens inside America who overstayed visas for temporary work matters or for tourism.