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Judicial System Promotes Racial Division in America.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump can heal racial divide
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump can heal racial divide.


Americans need to give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt until proof that the officer/s is/are racially prejudiced. We must resist the condemning of our police based upon some  biased narrative created by media prior to the facts being developed.

There is another angle to this anger by poor minorities that is true and must be addressed but is against the lawyers and judges whose careers are made off the backs of poor minorities and false narratives in courtrooms and legal pleadings every day.

The legal system feeds off of poor people through privatized prisons and jail for profit using the lawyers and judges to fill em up and off of rich people by embroiling us in unnecessarily protracted litigation.

Let’s focus on the real problem of crooked lawyering and allow law enforcement to do their job without fear. Remember that 85% of politicians are lawyers trained in deception as they represent their clients, therefore, we as a people should insist on “Truth in Litigation” where the lawyers are paid for finding the truth and resolving issues not creating them just to transfer as much client cash to the lawyers’ pockets as possible. “Loser Pays” in our courts should eliminate 85% of the legal racketeering inside our courthouses.

The positive economic impact of reducing the litigation risk premium placed on every business and every person in America which would lead to lower net deficits and enhanced quality of life for everyone.

Outlawing collection agencies would also go a long way towards allowing poor Americans to get on with their lives and not get angry with the system.

When credit is issued to a poor person who gets caught in a debt trap, the bank should absorb the loss just like the taxpayers did to bail out the banks under TARP in 2008. It is fundamentally unfair for bankers to steal people’s lives and dreams through boom to bust cycles placing poor people in legal bondage through the collection agencies and courts which are another form of persecution.

We have to remember that poor people who spend their lives caught up in our “for profit” legal industry and the courts learned deception first hand by experiencing getting screwed by the lawyers.

By correcting systemic problems with practical solutions that help all Americans we all win.

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